Fle3 development resuming

After a few years of silence, we’re resuming our development of Fle3. After the development of ImaNote, we now have a tool that allows users to freely position and move objects in a 2D space using just their browser. This has originally been a key feature in Fle3, but back in 2001 the browsers just weren’t up for it. Now they are.

And we’re not just adding new stuff, we’re rewriting the whole thing to be better. The oldish Zope technologies like DTML that we’re using are just too clumsy and are being deprecated as time goes by. So we’re upgrading to ZPT and cleaning the whole code base as well. As Fle3 was the first Zope product that our team had worked on, it really shows in the source code, unfortunately. So now that we understand how acquisition works and all Zope’s special features are well in hand, we’ll turn out Fle3 that’s leaner and meaner than before.

We’re hiring a new Python to work exclusively on Fle3 development, so we’ll see how thing start rolling. I’m happy if we’re near a release during this year.

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