Seminar on current learning theories

The theme for our group’s yearly seminar is “Current learning theories”. The main goal is to get a good coverage of new developments in the learning field, and get everyone updated on what’s going on. Post ideas for topics and resources as comments.

We’ll organize the seminar in March, so it can be joined up with Teemu’s “New Media and Learning” workshop.

3 thoughts on “Seminar on current learning theories

  1. “Trialogical learning” as it’s coined by the Centre for research on networked learning and knowledge building should be discussed. It stems from Progressive Inquiry and expands into the social aspect, incorporating Engeström’s Activitiy Theory among others.

    And of course Progressive Inquiry itself should be discussed. It’s developed from PBL, Project Learning, and other methodologies and relies heavily on social constructivist theories in Vygotsky’s fashion.

  2. I’ve noticed that currently I don’t have a learning theory so I’m trying to create one under tag ‘oppimisteoriat’ in my blog. I do my thinking in Finnish, but if we have seminar in English (?) I can write an English summary by then. Please comment if you notice that the developing thing resembles something that I should know about.

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