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As some may already know, LeMill is developed in the CALIBRATE project and so far the teachers participating in the project have used a separate, closed copy of LeMill for their testing. A month ago it was decided to combined the closed Toolbox and the open LeMill communities. Instead of having two small communities, we now have one that is more vibrant, and hopefully closer to reaching critical mass.

From our perspective as shepherds of the LeMill community, this merge makes our job much more meaningful. If there’s a useful pedagogical method that we’d like to write about, we don’t need to do it twice in both environments. Also we hope that the interaction between the contracted CALIBRATE teachers and volunteer (or enthusiast) members of LeMill will prove to be fruitful.

In summary, for LeMill users the only change is that the community grew by 150 people and the list of resources got a bit larger. Toolbox users need to get accustomed to the slightly different skin (happily the layout and functionality itself is identical), and also as single sign-on is now disabled, they need to create separate accounts to LeMill, or change the passwords of their current accounts. Hopefully we’ll later get a more open SSO scheme working, most likely based on OpenID.

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