iTEC: What’s been done so far

iTEC -project’s cycle 1 is coming to an end and cycle 2 is starting to pick up speed. Here is a brief summary of the work done so far.

Based on advanced pedagogical scenarios, which were created by the project partners at Futurelab, participatory design workshops were organized with teachers across Europe. By analyzing the summaries of the participatory design workshops, first design challenges and design opportunities were identified. Both, challenges and opportunities, informed the design of learning stories and learning activities that were tested in the cycle 1 pre-pilot tests. Also three prototypes were ideated, from which one was developed into a working prototype.

The working prototype is called TeamUp, a tool for teachers to quickly form teams of learners that are based on the interests of the learners. TeamUp also includes a newsflash recording feature, that encourages the teams of learners to reflect on what they did, what they will do and the issues they may have encountered during their project work in form of a one minute audio recording. These audio recordings are intended to be shared with the other learners of a class, to enable them to quickly catch up on the work of other teams. See more information on TeamUp.

The second prototype is called ‘ReFlex – My learning case’. It is an early design of a tool for learners to document and annotate their personal learning case, using digital video. As in the TeamUP prototype, 60 seconds recording time limits the time spent on review and assessment.

The third prototype is called Plate, an early design of a tool for viewing, sharing and publishing digital media within a group, a classroom, a school or to the entire online world. Plates is designed to make the learning activity of sharing files more feasible in school.

Yesterday, we submitted the official report of the project and are now finalizing the TeamUp prototype with instructions for teachers who will participate in the cycle 1 one full-scale pilots starting in mid-September. We are excited to learn about how our design work supports teachers in the classrooms!

For cycle 2, we are planning to improve the existing prototypes, and understand further design challenges and opportunities to design additional prototypes that can support advanced pedagogical scenarios in schools with technology. For more information on the current iTEC activities of the Learning Environments Research Group visit our iTEC blog.

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