Edukata rollout in Finland confirmed

Our group’s success in the 4 year iTEC project culminated in the production of Edukata, a participatory design model for teachers, which helps teachers constructively address new ideas and challenges and design concrete learning activities for themselves and their peers. A few days ago, we received confirmation that the Finnish Board of Education has granted us 175,000€ for a 1,5 year rollout project (Future Classroom Network, FCN).

Our basic plan is to train all teachers in five Finnish schools to be Edukata facilitators. Simultaneously we’ll create an online course (MOOC) to support Edukata training sessions. After this, teachers in these five schools will start facilitating Edukata workshops in schools within five school networks in Finland:

  1. Gesterby school will train schools in the Kuumakunta network
  2. Kasavuori school will train school in the Dreamschool network
  3. Oulu norm school will train schools in the teacher training school network
  4. SYK will train school in the private school network
  5. Siltamäki school will train schools in Helsinki

We’ll post updates as work gets started and organized. But it’s good to be able to focus (even part-time) on disseminating good project outcomes, and not just move on to new things, leaving old accomplishments to be.

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