Article in International Journal on E-Learning

An article about PILOT project and our approach towards learning objects has been published in an international peer-reviewed journal. In PILOT project we are argue that learning objects should be designed and presented in a special way in order to promote truly social constructivist learning. We presented the article first time in March 2005 in ProLearn-iClass thematic workshop Learning Objects in Context. Now the papers from the workshop are peer-reviewed and published in a special issue of International Journal on E-Learning.

Unfortunately you can have free access only to the abstract. Full reference is as follows:

Põldoja, H., Leinonen, T., Väljataga, T., Ellonen, A. & Priha, M. (2006). Progressive Inquiry Learning Object Templates (PILOT). International Journal on E-Learning. 5 (1), pp. 103-111. Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

We wish to thank our project partners from Uusimaa Regional Environment Centre and Tampere University of Technology.

Activating le group

I am happy to write the first post in our research group blog. Actually this blog engine has been up for a while already, but we are all still writing in our personal blogs and FLOSSE Posse.

Next week we will have Media Lab Demo Day, where all the research groups present their projects and results. This event is a good reason for taking our blog more seriously. In the following days we will all write here short posts about ongoing projects, that we will present on the Demo Day.