Unesco Young Digital Creators Educators Kit

“Being creative and collaborative” is the motto of UNESCO’s Young Digital Creators (YDC). YDC is designed for young people of different cultures to gradually construct, through a collaborative process and creative tools, a deeper understanding of each other’s cultural values and shared perspectives on global issues of our time. YDC is a program making the Internet and the web work for the benefit of young digital creators around the globe.

Educators Kit is designed to help teachers and educators working in school, youth clubs and organizations to generate and manage project-based learning activities with young people. The focus is on creative use of information and communication technologies, global challenges of development, cultural diversity and dialogue among cultures.”

Written by Teemu Leinonen & Joanna Saad-Sulonen

I work in UNESCO YDC project as a designer. My task is to design an instructional book for teachers around the globe of the material that Teemu and Joanna have designed and written in collaboration with UNESCO people. I am creating illustrations, making the layout of the book, designing typography and taking care of the print work. My aim is to make the book accessible to all cultures, easy to approach, easy to read and most of all engaging and inspiring to work with.

UNESCO Master Class in the Arab States

The UNESCO Art, Design and Technology Master Classes in the Arab States is part of the UNESCO’s Digi-Arts initiative. The history of our cooperation with UNESCO goes all the way to the late 1990’s.

In 2002 we were invited to the Digi-Arts’ advisor group. Since then we have been assigned to do some research, design and development in this framework, as well. We have been and are involved in: Young Digital Creators’ (YDC) Sound of our water and writing and design of the YDC Educators’ KIT book and CD-ROM that will be published in March 2006. Anna is working on the illustrations, design and layout of the book. Teemu and Joanna are writing it.

The Master Class in the Arab States is a “blended learning” – e-learning and face-to-face – program for students coming from different parts of the Arab region. It is implemented in a cooperation with UNESCO, Lebanese American University, American University of Beirut and Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts. Our task has been to do the instructional design, to help teachers in the content production, and to set-up the online environment. We also take care of the day-to-day management of the program. Teachers of the course come from Arab states, as well.

The Master Class program (no, you do not get a master’s degree) started with application procedure in September and the first online courses started in November. The online courses are over in the end of the year. After this students are asked to present a project idea. 16 of them will be selected for the part 2. These students will then take part in a week long face-to-face course in Beirut. In August / September 2006 the project are ready for exhibitions online or off-line.

Joanna is responsible of the project and has done a great job!