The Learning Environments research group creates prototypes as part of its work. While academic publications are of course important, our working method revolves around creating continuously evolving prototypes, which can be social prototypes, software prototypes or hardware prototypes. This page mentions a few prototypes in reverse chronological order.

Feeler, a set of tools with a script that guides your activity during a study session + self-monitoring (EEG) of attention and relaxation.

SoAR, Social Augmented Reality, is a mobile app for collaboration and communication in work environments. Year: 2016

Ach So! is a tool for facilitating on-the-job reflection. It is a video annotation tool for Android devices. Project: Learning Layers. Year: 2015

Edukata is a participatory design model for teachers. It is a social prototypes and does not really involve new technology. Project: iTEC. Year: 2015.

Square1 is a concept for single-use devices for education. Project: LEAD. Year: 2014

ReFlex is a tools for individual reflection through short audio-visual recordings. Project: iTEC. Year: 2014.

TeamUp is a tool for creating heterogenous teams and recording and following the teams’ progress through audio-visual short recordings. Project: iTEC. Year: 2014.

Fle4 is a tool for carrying out online knowledge constructions discussions, such as progressive inquiry. It is a WordPress plugin. Year: 2015

LeMill is a web community for finding, authoring and sharing open educational resources. Project: CALIBRATE. Year: 2008.

Fle3 is a web-based learning environment for knowledge construction. Project: ITCOLE. Year: 2003.

Fle2 is a web-based learning environment for knowledge construction. Project: NordUnet2. Year: 2001.

Fle is a www-based service for CSCL and progressive inquiry. Project: Future Learning Environment. Year: 2000.

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